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Hello there!  Welcome, friend.  This page is where I am supposed to tell you about me…. which got me pondering.  How would I answer that question of who am I exactly?  Well, this might be overboard, but here goes:  I am a daughter of the King.  A child loved by God.  Married to an amazing, loving, hardworking man who I think is pretty cute.  For almost 19 years.  We have 8 kids.  Yes eight.  17 years old down to just 3 years old.  No twins in the mix.  All c-sections.  And they are all awesome and unique and very lovable.  In these 18 years, we have lived in 6 states, 12 houses, and have lugged our books and music to each place.  Currently enjoying the glories of early fall in lovely Western Massachusetts.  I am a lover of good coffee, well written literature, walks in the woods, good music, picnics in the park,  sandcastles at the beach, balanced minimalism, and an occasional snowman.  Oh, and silence.  I love silence.  My favorite season is fall, but in my years of motherhood, spring has become a close second.  And summer.  I love my faith and I love sharing it.  Reading the lives of the saints, and learning from them is a favorite past time.  As you may have guessed from the name of my blog, St. Therese is my fave.  I also love sharing Christ with my husband, Dan – we have been doing ministry together since we met – singing together and running retreats for school age children, teens, Confirmation groups, married couples, and people of all ages.  I greatly enjoy photography.  Especially taking pictures of all our little moments.  Sneaking a photo of one child doing something sweet for another sibling without them knowing makes me really come alive.  So does sharing my faith.  And being a good listener.  And running retreats.  And creating organized spaces- in our home or other peoples’ homes. And  being truly present to the people around me, big and little.  This vocation of child of God, wife, mother, teacher, playdough maker, and everything else is a beautiful thing.  It is hard, but it is also beautiful.  I love trying to look through this little corner of the world and find all that is true, that is good,  that is beautiful, and share, hoping to bring a little encouragement to anyone passing by.  So, welcome, my friend.  I am so glad you are here.

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