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Hello, friend.  I’m so glad you are here.  In case you are interested, we are trying out having a little show.  Nothing big or fancy, just Saturday morning coffee together.  Friends through the years have enjoyed sitting with us on our couches and having coffee together.  It is a gathering space where we have talked about things big and small.  And so, we thought we would try out this little series.  We will talk about faith, marriage, big family life, and of course, coffee.  🙂  Hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to share!  May these little shows bring you some joy and encouragement on the journey Home.  God bless you!  Happy Saturday, y’all!

You can check out our YouTube Channel below.  Feel free to subscribe and share with your friends.  Hope it brightens your day!

Our newest episode:


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And to the very beginning … the first two episodes:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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