Merry Christmas


( Picture of my Christmas morning … a quiet 30 minutes with Baby Jesus before everyone started to wake.  I love early mornings.  🙂  Best Christmas gift.)

He came.  He really came.  Love Himself.   To our home.  To our manger.   To our hearts.

He came.  Whether or not there was enough hay in the little manger we have made for him.  Whether or not our hearts were fully tidied and ready for Him.  How He loves us!

He loves us so deeply that He came down from Heaven, and entered this world in the most humble way, a little babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a manger, a feeding trough for the animals.  And yet this same Christ would one day give Himself to us in the Eucharist, to be our very own food.

And how beautiful that God chose to come in the form of a little one, so sweet, so simple, so vulnerable.  Imagine holding Him for a moment, you looking at Him, He looking at you.  The King of the Universe, the God who made all things, Who truly holds the world in His Hands, looking at you, with such love.  Can you just imagine how our Lady must have felt to hold Him those first few moments in the quiet, before the shepherds came?

This Advent, though quite a bit slower paced than in years past, went by too fast.  My little heart didn’t quite feel ready.  I wanted it to be more ready to welcome the Savior in.  I suppose I feel like this every year in some sense.  If only I could….

And yet – He came.

He came into my heart, and

He rested.

He let me hold Him and look into His eyes of Love.  In that quiet moment, He taught me gently, once again, how to love and be loved.   He put everything else aside, my unworthiness, my sinfulness, my fears.  And filled me with His Love. I am so grateful.

He has come to your heart too.  I pray you allow yourself to hold Him and enjoy His loving glances.  His love for you is so great, so deep.  No matter how unworthy you may feel – He has come to rest in your heart. Welcome Him in. Let Him love you too, my friend.   Merry Christmas.




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