St. Therese and Praying for Souls

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St. Therese had an intense love for souls, and for them to go to heaven.  When she was a very little child, maybe 3 years old, she said to her mother, “How I wish you would die, dear little Mother!” Her mother, quite taken aback, asked her why.  She quickly said, “It is because I want you to go to Heaven, and you say you must die to go there!”  Out of the mouth of babes…

There are so many instances in her short life where she expressed her desire for people to go to heaven.  She would find the biggest and littlest of sacrifices she could make to give grace to another soul.  Smiling in difficult situations, not leaning her back against a chair when sitting, not complaining while in great pain, taking the smaller portion of food, holding her tongue, accepting many opportunities of humility, praying in every circumstance… there are so many examples in her writings.  All done in great love.  All done to lead another soul to Heaven.

I came across these words of hers recently and wanted to share them with you.  It gave me more to ponder, this beautiful reflection.  I hope you enjoy.

“What can I do, O Jesus, to save souls?  You answer me with the words You once addressed to Your disciples, pointing to the fields of ripened corn: “Lift up your eyes and see the countries; for they are already white for the harvest…” The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers few.  Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that He send forth laborers.”

“How mysterious it is!  O Jesus, are You not all powerful?  Do not creatures belong to You  who made them?  Why then do You say ‘Pray ye the Lord of the harvest to send laborers?’ Why?

O Jesus, because You have so incomprehensible a love for us that You want us to have a share with You in the salvation of souls, You want to do nothing without us.  You, the Creator of the universe, wait for the prayer of a poor little soul to  save other souls redeemed like it at the price of Your blood.

“My vocation is not to go harvesting in the fields of ripe corn; You do not say to me: ‘Lower your eyes, look at the fields, and go and reap them’; my mission is still loftier.  You tell me:  ‘Lift up your eyes and see…’ See how in heaven there are places empty; it is for you to fill them… you are to me My Moses praying on the mountain; ask Me for laborers and I shall send them, I await only a prayer, a sigh from your heart!”

~ St Therese of the Child Jesus, Letter 114

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  1. Great reflection, thanks for sharing Megan! I often find myself pondering “lofty” plans to serve God by giving talks, becoming a Deacon, travelling overseas, etc… These plans fade and I get frustrated with the monotony of life. However, it is so good to read stuff like this and be reminded that my “lofty” plan from God may just be to serve my family, be a great father or husband, pray for all those who ask for prayers and those that I see that need prayers. This may be my plan of cooperation with God to help me and others reach the ultimate goal of heaven!


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