Casting Our Nets

 (Fisherman Casting Net by photographer, Don Hebert) This past Sunday's gospel reading was so beautiful, wasn't it?  I have shared it under this post in case you'd like to re-read.  There is so much in that one reading to soak in and ponder... here is just a little something about nets I've been thinking on.... Continue Reading →

Call Upon Mary

(Being able to capture this moment was such a gift.  She was just looking at Our Lady... and our Lady was looking at her.  Little ones know deeply in their heart the presence of God and His Mother, His Saints, and His angels.  Of this I am certain.)   Alleluia! Alleluia!  He is risen!  Truly... Continue Reading →

Big Family Life Hacks – Towels

In our new house, with the reality of the fact that we have EIGHT kids (I still sometimes can't have a hard time believing this fact... but then I go in the bathroom, and see all the towels...) I decided to institute a new towel policy.  🙂 So far so good.  Each child has one... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Christ is risen!  Truly, He is risen!  Alleluia!  Alleluia! It is Easter!  And He is truly risen!  What a gift! On Holy Thursday, it is family tradition here for my husband to take the older children to the special Holy Thursday service, and when they return, I go out to the church and... Continue Reading →

The “Priest” Basket

One of Dan and I's Lenten resolutions was to re-do our "Priest Basket."  It had been too long and we have been wanting to re-do it for over a year... so we made it a Lenten promise.  Finally, on Good Friday night... the 11th hour... we accomplished what we had hoped.  We made this little... Continue Reading →

Go to Joseph

March 19th is one of my favorite feasts, and one of our favorite feasts.  Dan and I have a special devotion to St. Joseph, going back to when we were engaged.  We individually had a devotion to him, but as a couple, it became an "us" thing when we visited the Oratory of St. Joseph in Canada.  As we prepared for marriage,

Pumpkin Bars

I wanted to share a favorite snack in our house - pumpkin bars!  I know, I know.  It's not fall...but these pictures are from fall.  🙂  We were traveling all day and I found this pumpkin patch for us to get out and stretch our legs ... and take pictures.  Life with littles is fun.... Continue Reading →

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