We all have a friend, a really good friend... one that we can talk about anything with, one that we love to listen to, to seek their wisdom, to laugh with, to cry with, to share moments with.  One who we can be vulnerable around and truly bare our soul.   One who will encourage you... Continue Reading →

Minimalism in the B House

Minimalism.  It's all the rage now.... probably one of the biggest words out there in cyberspace, at least in some circles.  There is the KonMari method with a book, and now even a mini-series on how-to, the 40 Days 40 Bags Challenge, and countless articles, videos, blog posts, and opinions out there.  There is some... Continue Reading →

Catholic Schools Week Ideas

And all of a sudden, Catholic Schools Week comes and goes.  It just sort of sneaks up on you.  The children are in full swing of Advent, then Christmas... then as soon as you start to get in the groove of this beautiful season of "Ordinary Time" (my personal favorite season of the Catholic Liturgical... Continue Reading →

Catholic Schools Week Thoughts

                                     (Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston  -  CNS photo/ Gregory L. Tracy, Pilot) Last week, Catholic schools around the nation celebrated Catholic Schools Week.  It is a week filled with activities aimed at celebrating the beauty of Catholic... Continue Reading →

Necessity of Prayer

(Captured this photo after Mass one morning... This is little C's favorite spot to run to before and after Holy Communion.  She runs to our Lady, kneels down, clasps her hands, and offers a very intense quiet prayer, then gets back up and smiles, and carries on her way.  Oh, the fervor of little children! ... Continue Reading →

Going Home

"If you are lonely, open your door. Invite people in. Hug them. Make them feel welcome. Give the gift of a flashlight to light their way home." Last week, we had the gift of attending a funeral of a friend's grandmother.  A beautiful faith filled woman that I have had the privilege to meet a... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

( Picture of my Christmas morning ... a quiet 30 minutes with Baby Jesus before everyone started to wake.  I love early mornings.  🙂  Best Christmas gift.) He came.  He really came.  Love Himself.   To our home.  To our manger.   To our hearts. He came.  Whether or not there was enough hay in the little... Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Guadalupe

(Last year with our Lady of Guadalupe at the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word, AL) Today is the great feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  This is a big feast day in our family, and, well, we love our Lady, and we have been so blessed to be a part of the Latino community... Continue Reading →

“What’s for Dinner, Mom?”

Just about every day, I get the question "What's for dinner, mom?"  And with 8 kids... I might get that question 6 times (the 2 little ones will be asking soon enough.)  Sometimes they forget they asked and ask again.  It has taken some trial and error, but my new answer is "Food."  It is... Continue Reading →

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